CVault + Boveda

Optimum conservation of your hemp

In order to enjoy your hemp flowers for the longest possible time, their preservation method is essential.


It involves two points:

– Keep your flowers away from the light of the ambient air.

– Maintain a humidity of 62% during the whole storage period.


CVault + Boveda is the best solution on the market to maintain these conservation criteria.

Content of maintained
Capacity: 10 to 15 grams of Chill or Treem

Place the Boveda pack in the space designed for this purpose under the lid of the CVault and then put your Chill or Treem flowers in the Cvault and close with the security clips. We advise you to open the CVault as little as possible.


1x CVault petit Int. dimensions (w x h): 8×4 cm.

1x 4 grams 62% Boveda inclus.

Precautions for use

Do not open the Boveda pack. It is to be inserted as is in the compartment provided for this purpose under the CVault cover. Do not ingest the Boveda pack.


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