Resist – Happy – Dream

Content of CBD From 500 to 2000 mg

limited offer

Remedeus “Lockdown Kit” contains three of our formulas with various CBD dosages to bring you calm and serenity.



Strengthen your natural defenses



Keep your morale up



Improve the quality of your nights


Our “Lockdown Kit” is at the special price of 199€ instead of 227€ and will be available for the duration of the lockdown.

Net volume: ml
How to use:

Place the dose under the tongue with the pipette and wait 30 seconds to 1 minute before swallowing. You should feel the first effects after about 30 minutes.

There is no recommended dosage.  It is personal research which is done in a rather simple way: start with the minimum dose (one drop) per day, whenever you want during the day or in the evening, and adjust drop by drop in the next days until you get the desired effect.

The REMEDEUS formulas have been designed as course, so do not hesitate to use them regularly to maximize their benefits.

A 10ml bottle of REMEDEUS contains approximately 250 drops.

  • MCT coconut oil
  • Cannabis sativa L hemp oil and extract (CBD): 5% / 10% / 20%
  • Essential oils of yellow lemon & tea tree / exotic verbena & red tangerine / sweet orange & melissa.
Precaution of use:

Not recommended for under 18 years old, pregnant and breastfeeding women & people under treatment.