Who are we?

REMEDEUS is an ancestral practice that has been brought up to date. Body and mind are wonderful machines that can be maintained and cared for naturally. REMEDEUS learns how and offers a unique range of treatments adapted to every situation and to everyone.

Our mission: Cultivate balance in everyone.

Our emblem

Protective and purifying, the wasp embodies harvest, regeneration and balance. It is the emblem of REMEDEUS whose vocation is to offer the care of nature by harvesting and marrying the essence of plants with the best of hemp to protect, regenerate and strengthen the health of its customers.

What is CBD?

CBD, which is an abbreviation for cannabidiol, is one of the molecules, known as cannabinoids, found in the cannabis plant, which belongs to the species “Cannabis sativa L”.

It acts on specific receptors in our brain designed to accept cannabinoids and in particular CBD, known as CB1 and CB2. These receptors are responsible for the uptake of cannabinoid molecules into your system, which leads to the psychoactive and immune responses associated with cannabis use.

Because CBD is a non-narcotic component, which means it does not have a significant effect on the cognitive activity of the brain, CBD does not cause the “high” or feeling of euphoria usually associated with cannabis or marijuana.

CBD, Instructions for use.

REMEDEUS oils can be added to drinks or food. They can also be taken sublingually for optimal absorption of CBD. Place one or a few drops under the tongue with the pipette and wait at least 30 seconds before swallowing. Each person is different. You should, therefore, start with the minimum dose (one drop) and adjust until you get the desired effect.

  • For a concentration of 500 mg, one drop corresponds to 2.5 mg of CBD.
  • For a concentration of 1000 mg, one drop corresponds to 5 mg of CBD.
  • For a concentration of 2000 mg, one drop corresponds to 10 mg of CBD.
  • For a concentration of 3000 mg, one drop corresponds to 15 mg of CBD.
  • For a concentration of 4000 mg, one drop corresponds to 20 mg of CBD.

The REMEDEUS formulas have been designed as courses. Do not hesitate to use them on a regular basis to maximize their benefits.

Our REMEDEUS experts

For the creation of our products and the development of our formulas, we are surrounded by competent experts.

Frank Gigon: the voice of hemp and CBD

Franck Gigon is a doctor, specialized in phytotherapy and micronutrition. After having been a lecturer for 13 years for the diploma in phyto-aromatherapy at the Faculty of Medicine of Paris XIII, Franck Gigon is now a lecturer, consultant and author of about twenty books on medicinal plants and optimized nutrition. His latest book deals with the invaluable benefits of hemp for humanity, and is a manifesto for its rehabilitation in France on the legal and technological level. Like many other scientists and backed by numerous publications, Franck Gigon highlights the extraordinary potential of hemp cannabidoids on Well-being and Health, and particularly cannabidiol or CBD, which promises a great future in these fields.

“Man has used hemp for food, clothing, shelter and travel for hundreds of years. During all this time, he has benefited from its medicinal virtues, especially in terms of digestion and pain management. In France, it was removed from the French pharmacopoeia in 1953. In the minds of many people, especially among health professionals, the image of hemp as a drug has taken over from that of the medicinal plant. But for more than five years, 1,500 studies have been conducted on CBD abroad, showing that this substance is extremely interesting from a medical point of view. »

Caroline Gayet : the passionate herbalist

Dietician and phytotherapist, trained by years of study and practice, she advises from the outset the initiated clients of a famous Parisian herbalist. From the choice of essential oils to the elaboration of the formulas, she revealed the secrets of the plants and the subtle art of their alliance.

“Phytotherapy is an ally in avoiding allopathic medication or reducing its prescription. Well chosen, well used, herbal remedies prove to be effective, free of side effects, with the added benefit of working on the cause of the disorder and not just the symptom, which limits recurrence and chronicity of the disorder. »

Pascal Doppelt: the key to security

A former researcher at the CNRS (French National Centre for Scientific Research) and a legal expert with the Paris courts, Pascal Doppelt is in charge of the LEAF lab in Paris and the guarantor of the safety of our products. He has checked our production to guarantee its conformity and quality.