CULTIVATE THE BALANCEThe power of CBD allied to the benefits of essential oils

Hemp has always been a natural solution used to combat stress and anxiety. Cannabidiol (CBD), a molecule extracted from hemp, specifically meets these resolutely modern needs. It is good for the body and the mind.

Remedeus has created 7 unique, specific and virtuous formulas, combining the power of CBD with the benefits of essential oils. Our ORIGIN line, composed exclusively of CBD, is designed to accompany people who are initiated to hemp and have a personalised use for it.

It is up to each person to find his or her own ritual, to stay healthy, calm down and strengthen themselves.


Men have always relied on plants to stay healthy, relieve pain, heal and strengthen themselves. They have learned to draw from it the essential oils now recognized for their multiple properties and their power in supporting and strengthening natural defenses.


Coming from Asia, hemp has been used for its benefits for millennia all over the world. By consuming the whole plant, It has been an important source of fiber, food and medicine throughout history. Hemp has been under a prohibition that many consider unfair for almost 100 years. It is coming to an end.


Cannabidiol (CBD) is a molecule existing in the Cannabis Sativa (hemp) plant.
Our CBD is obtained by extraction and separation to keep only the cannabidiol molecule, which is different from THC (the active principle responsible for the psychoactive effects).
Thus purified, the CBD keeps the multiple properties of hemp without altering the mind to allow everyone to remain focused on his efforts, efficient, calm and present.
It does not provoke addiction and does not present any danger for the health.


Our oils can be taken in different ways, according to your tastes, expectations, feelings and at different times.

Some people will take them as soon as they wake up, in their coffee, to start their day with tonus and clarity. Others will add it to their meal before a workout to stay focused, or after exercise to relieve aches and pains. Some will prefer sublingual intake and will deposit the desired dose under their tongue thanks to the dropper accompanying our products, before going to sleep or before an important appointment. Some will choose only one formula, others will alternate according to the times of their life (work, holidays, travel) or their day (from dawn to night).

From the kitchen to the bathroom, from the bedside table to the handbag or sports bag, our littles bottles will accompany them everywhere. It is up to them to find their ritual, the way they absorb it and the dosage that suits them. Every take should be an opportunity to listen to oneself and take time for oneself.


We have set up a team of experts whose biographies can be found on our page dedicated to them in the about tab.

Franck Gigon:

Doctor in general medicine specialized in phytotherapy and micronutrition, for his knowledge and experience of hemp.

“The CBD is a valuable ally for your well-being. It has just arrived on the French market to help us cope with the stress of modern life, relieve pain, relax easily and naturally.”

Caroline Gayet:

Dietician, nutritionist and phytotherapist, for the elaboration of formulas and the choice of essential oils.

“Our essential oils come from plantations controlled and mixed by expert phytotherapists to optimize their properties, combine their benefits and offer the best.”

Pascal Doppelt:

Former researcher at the CNRS (French National Center for Scientific Research) and legal expert at the Paris courts, for the conformity and quality control of our products.

“The arrival of CBD-based products on the French market requires permanent and optimal control to allow consumers to enjoy its benefits in complete peace of mind. This is our commitment and our priority.”

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